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After nearly 19 years of innovation and continuous development, the group's core industries and internal management mature, currently the group manages Golden Bridge Real Estate, Jinxin Real Estate, Golden Bridge Construction and Installation, Golden Bridge Property Management, Golden Bridge Naite, Golden Bridge Construction Materials, Penglai Marine Biology, Golden Bridge Yintong and other wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries.
With leading technologies and scientific management methods, the group subsidiaries have passed a number of international standard ISO management system certifications, and the production and management reach record highs.
Golden Bridge Group, with the business vision of "Eternal Golden Bridge and Evergreen Foundation" as its guideline, is looking forward to steady development and glorious new chapters.

Golden Bridge Group founded Yantai Sanzhan Commercial Company for the construction of the three new station project which is a municipal planning priority concerned by all people in this city. The constructions of the three new stations marked the successful transition of the company from residential development to commercial real estate development, achieving cross-regional interdisciplinary major development.
The "expansive vitrified micro-sphere insulation mortar" product manufactured by the group’s Golden Bridge Company was approved by the province for use in engineering construction.

The group contracted the development zone’s key ecological and livelihood project – Fulai Mountain Park. The successful completion of this project won unanimous endorsement of the leadership from the city and the mass, laying a solid foundation for the awarding of Taishan Prize which is the most important prize in Shandong’s construction industry.
The company completed an inter-provincial business for the first time, it enters a property services consulting agreement with its Liaoning partner and successfully expanded market outside the province which was a major strategic breakthrough for the group.
In the same year, Golden Bridge Marine Biology passed FDA site audit and became China's first food additives manufacturer passing the audit by FDA.
In terms of real estate, the company’s development qualification was promoted to Grade II, so was its property management qualification.

Golden Bridge’s pace of industrial development never stopped. In this year, the group acquired Penglai Marine Biology Co., Ltd. And enter the field of marine organisms. Golden Bridge Construction Materials Company was established. In the same year, Golden Bridge’s housing construction general contracting qualification upgraded to Grade I.

After realizing group development, Golden Bridge’s brand influence was growing and the company’s culture including “corporate purposes,""corporate vision", "core values” were officially released. As an indispensable spiritual strength, "Golden Bridge culture" played a strong role in cohesion and solidarity and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise.
Based on solid the group’s development, Golden Bridge Yintong Microloans Company and Jinxin Real Estate were successively established. In the same year, the two residential projects of “Golden Bridge Penghuwan” and “Golden Penghushanzhuang” were deemed as the model of quality green communities.

After years of profound and steady development, Golden Bridge ushered in the major leap transition from decentralized management model to centralized management model - Yantai Golden Bridge Group Co., Ltd. was founded and the company’s development strategy of primarily development of real estate development and engineering construction and auxiliary development of property management, intelligent engineering, new materials and other related industries was finalized and the industry kingdom of Golden Bridge ushered in brand new opportunities. In the same year, another residential area developed by the company - Jinxinjiayuan successfully completed.

The establishment of Yantai Golden Bridge Naite Communications Engineering Co., Ltd. marked the expansion of the company’s industrial territory to science and technology. The company has intelligent design and construction grade III qualification and ISP qualifications, adhering to the leading technologies and outstanding services, the company, is committed to providing customers with comprehensive three-dimensional intelligent systems and solutions.

Golden Bridge Real Estate’s development strength rose steadily and it independently developed sea oasis residential district, by virtue of scientific planning and design as well as stringent quality control, the company’s benchmark position in the real estate development industry was established.

Golden Bridge Property Management Co., Ltd. was established. With excellent quality services and advanced management philosophies, the company has been awarded by related authorities "Top 10 Yantai Property Manager", "Yantai Property Services Outstanding enterprise".

Yantai Golden Bridge Real Estate Co., Ltd. was founded two years after the establishment of Golden Bridge Construction and Installation Co., Ltd., the company's business scope expanded from construction and installation to real estate development, so the company’s two core business chains of"real estate and construction were officially formed and this led Golden Bridge to enter a new stage of business development.

Yantai Golden Bridge Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. was established in Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, with construction as the core business, the company has undertaken a number of important municipal and service projects of the zone.

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